The Best Coffee Tables Reviews

    Does your coffee look better on its current position in your room or living room may be? If not, then maybe you are the one who needs to read this review. If our coffee table matches with the design and position wherever it is placed inside your space, it provides more comfort and relaxation than merely sipping at your coffee.

    Yes! How your coffee table appears in your place matter!

    Your coffee table may do a lot of purposes and not just for coffee alone. In fact, some found coffee tables useful when hanging out with friends and family members and put some magazines, drinks, and food on it. Even your kids do some activity on your coffee table such as coloring or making assignment there. Don’t buy “just” a coffee table. It should be something better. Something that could be used not just for coffee but also for other purposes.

    Now, let’s dive in to our top 5 picks of coffee table. Are you ready? Check them out!

    5. Ameriwood Home Owen Retro Coffee Table with Metal Legs

    Ameriwood Home Owen Retro Coffee Table with Metal Legs
    Ameriwood Home Owen Retro Coffee Table with Metal Legs

    Making it to the fifth rank is Ameriwood Home Owen Retro Coffee Table that features gray metal hairpin -style legs and laminated particleboard table top. If your place happens to be crowded because of too many stuff, this slim table would be a perfect match and would definitely make your living room more spacious.

    Measuring 17.85″ H x 42″ W x 19.5″ D, this coffee table gives your space a little touch of retro style and small rooms less cluttered. The flat top surface allows you use the table in different activities that you’re not gonna place into it some heavy stuff. Although it has metal legs, they are relatively thin and might not that sturdy. Even then, it can cater midweight stuff up to 40 pounds such as decors, vases, etc.

    The brown oak finish makes your table appears neat and clean. With some additional accessories, your simple table will surely appear stunning and attractive, giving life to your whole space. Moreover, it is easy to move and transport which allows you to easily rearrange your place.

    Super easy to assemble. This is one of the good advantages of this item. The legs are easy to attach to the particleboard using screws. One issue that most customers are complaining is the veneer cover which is easily scratched. But if you would just be gentle in moving, cleaning, and using the table, then this will be prevented. That’s why, this table is not recommended if you have toddlers who might be roaming around the living rooms most of the time. However, such table would be great for areas with only grown-up are to be staying.

    Now, let’s talk about the price. Well, this is very much affordable with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Cool!

    While the table looks wonderful in your living room, it will also look stunning in small offices and receiving areas with small spaces.


    • Light weight
    • Comes with metal legs
    • Easy to assemble
    • Looks great in compact and small spaces
    • Affordable price
    • Clean and neat appearance
    • Comes with 1 year company warranty
    • Buy it now!


    • Not recommended for places with toddlers
    • Metal legs are thin and might not support heavy stuff
    • Veneer finish is easily scratched

    4. Altra Furniture Carver Coffee Table, Black/Sonoma Oak

    Altra Furniture Carver Coffee Table
    Altra Furniture Carver Coffee Table

    Making it on the fourth rank is simple yet elegant table created by Dorel Home Furnishings, a famous furniture maker. This Carver Coffee table appears to be in simple rectangular shaped wooden table. It looks best as a centerpiece of your living room, matching your elegant sofa.

    Looking at its color, it is easy for you to put accessories on it as it matched with any color you want to compliment with your theme and style. It looks best with flower vases, colorful table mats or cloths, and even remote-control holders. Its lower shelf not just provide you with additional storage but it also adds up to the overall looks and better appearance of the table. Without the lower shelf, the lower part of the table might look hollow and boring.

    With a measurement of 35.4 x 35.4 x 17 inches, this 64.2- pound table is durable and guarantees long lasting use. It is easy to put together using screws which is included in the package. In fact, it can be assembled by one person.

    Now, why do you need this wooden table? Because wood is naturally strong. It can withstand for many generations to come. And looking at this featured wooden table, it will surely last longer. It’s unique feature and lines of wood make your table for unique yet attractive. Its natural style will capture every eye.

    This table is a bit steeper in price compared to the previous featured tables, but definitely worth the price. The nice quality of the table speaks about its worth.

    The flat surface of the table allows you to use it in any activities. It could be used by your toddler’s coloring activity as the surface is fine. If you want your child to make their homework on the living room and take a break from their study table, surely, they’ll enjoy squatting on the floor and use this small table. Just an important reminder: the edge is quite sharp and might not that safe for toddlers.


    • Sturdy and guarantees long lasting use
      Easy to assemble using screws
      Great to be styled with accessories
      Looks great in living rooms
      Includes lower shelf for additional storage
      Comes with a free shipping promo in Amazon
    • Buy it now!


    • Edge might be sharper and not safe for toddlers
      Steeper price compared to other featured tables but worth the price

    3. Furinno 11179EX Simple Design Coffee Table, Espresso

    Furinno 11179DBR Simple Design Coffee Table
    Furinno 11179DBR Simple Design Coffee Table

    If you are looking for elegance and style, this coffee table that made it on the 3rd rank will absolutely catch your attention. Finely created by Furinno Home Living Sets, this Furinno 11179EX has been praised by its sophisticated style and appearance. It comes in an espresso color, something that is easily matched with any colors of your place as well as accessories you would like to put on it such as flower vases and colorful table cloths.

    The Furinno 11179EX has been created to it your style, space, and of course on your budget since the item is very much affordable. Though it comes in an unbelievable low price which might cause you to doubt its durability, you will be amazed on its sturdiness.

    Let’s take a look on its main material which is Particleboard. Such material comes from recycled materials of rubber trees which made it cheaper. Although it is manufactured though recycled materials, this particular Furinno creation doesn’t give any foul smell just like other recycled stuff.

    With a dimension of 34.5 x 21.5 x 16.3 inches, this table is relatively small and fits well even to your tiny space in the room. It has a lower shelf with the same finish as the top that provides you with additional storage for your magazines and other reading materials. And the curvy sides? They are just perfect complement to sofas. Don’t place it to corners of your rooms. They look better in center as its design captures your eyes as you enter in your room.

    It is easy to install using screws which also comes in the package. in just 10 minutes, voila! You already have the elegant coffee table in your space.


    • Easy to install
      Comes from a recycled material and environmentally friendly
      Elegant style
      Fits to any room type such as living room, bedrooms, receiving area and even offices
      Affordable price
      Rounder corners are safe for children
      Comes with lower shelf for additional storage
    • Buy it now!


    • Screws might get loose easily
      Too light to hold heavy stuff
      Legs are quite thin which make you to doubt its sturdiness

    2. DHP Parsons Modern Coffee Table, Black Wood Grain

    DHP Parsons Modern Coffee Table
    DHP Parsons Modern Coffee Table

    Another wooden table included in the top list is the elegantly styled coffee table manufactured by Dorel Home Products (DHP) Furniture, a leading manufacturer and importer in the futon industry. Such company has been satisfying customers for years by combining functional benefits of their products such as price, mass production, excellent customer services, style and innovation.

    This particular creation of DHP is adored by its simplicity yet functional feature. If you look into the table, it’s merely a rectangular table measuring 19 x 39 x 17.7 inches. But because of its simplicity, it can be easily placed anywhere in your place. It’s easy to enhance depending on your favored theme and design.

    It is available in espresso, rich black or warm natural finish and definitely perfect to compliment in any room: bedrooms, living rooms, and even offices. It is also great as extensions of other coffee tables because of its multi-purpose design.
    This table has been widely purchased for dorm rooms, apartments, and of course rooms of your home.

    It’s easy to move and transport because it is lightweight with only 5.9 pound of weight. This Parsons Coffee Table has laminated MDF finish which make the table beautiful and less-prone to scratches or stain. Thus, even for longer periods, it will still look elegant and new. And because it is created by one of the famous makers of good quality home furniture, the Parsons Coffee Table by DHP is undoubtedly durable and long lasting. The company’s reputation has been known good for years, and so with their creations.

    And guess what? You can actually own this simple yet functional coffee table for just $27 to $30 dollars. Incredibly low in price, yet durable and useful. And if you find it too simple, you can just style it with colorful table runners or any piece of cloth to make it look attractive. Because it has an earthly color, it would not be difficult for you to match it with any color and style you want.


    • Small
      Easy to install
      Fine finish
      Very affordable
      Multi-functional table
      Provides warranty
      Easy to move and transport
    • Buy it now!


    • Veneer cover is easily scratched
      Too light that you might spill any liquid place on it when suddenly moved

    1. Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood

    Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table
    Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table

    Top on the list is a rustic-inspired cocktail table manufactured by the famous Emerald Home. It features a solid wood top that looks so sturdy and surely long lasting. Knowing that it is made of wood, you’ll be surprised of its weight which is lighter compared to others types. This is one thing important when you are the type of person who likes to arrange and disarrange your own place when bored with the current arrangement because it is easy to move and transport.

    The metal frame of the coffee table makes the whole table durable. It supports the wood well by 12 bolts included in the package. Now, if you look at the wood, it is finished finely, which, makes it easy for you to clean it. And because the design is rustic-inspired, it’s a bit of bumpy and not smooth.

    The lower shelf of the table is great as additional storage where you can arrange for magazines, newspapers, and other reading materials. It has the same appearance and quality with the wood on top. And what’s greater? This table has been commended by its easy-to-install feature. With just familiarity of the product, you can actually assemble the table in less than 30 minutes.

    It measures 48 x 24 x inches, perfect to match with your small and cozy living room. Its rustic brown color makes the table more classic yet sophisticated. Undoubtedly, this is one of the brilliant and stunning creations of Emerald Homes. Knowing Emerald Homes, the company has been producing stunning home furniture in the United States and their reputation remained good for years. Thus, if you are in doubt of this item, check the company’s profile so you will be convinced that this coffee table is truly durable.

    And hey! You can get this table from $150 to $180 dollars. Value for the money and best fits in turning your place into a classic rustic themed place. Of course, you cannot just use the table for coffee. Because it provides a wider space, you can use it with other activities such as space for doing your homework, paper works, and a space for your finger food while hanging around with your friends or family members.


    • Easy to assemble
      Made of solid wood
      Guarantees durability
      Includes bottom shelf for more storage
    • Buy it now!


    • Metal legs are a bit tiny
      Uneven surface

    Final Thoughts

    In choosing your coffee tables, always consider your space and some other uses of the table. most of the time, we get enticed with the affordable prices they offer, but always remember the durability of the table. And one more thing, take time to choose your tables. There are lots of styles out there which you can find with also an affordable price. Review article such as this could be of great help for you in choosing your best coffee table.

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